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Cochrane Registries - Cochrane, Northwest Calgary and Crowfoot
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#7, 214 Grande Blvd W
Cochrane, AB

Cochrane | Crowfoot | Northwest Calgary

Cochrane Registries - Cochrane, Northwest Calgary and Crowfoot

Road Test Availability
Road Testing Information

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Road Test Policies
Road Test Eligibility | Changes and Cancellations

Eligibility Requirementes:
No Rental Vehicles Will Be Provided

  1. You must provide your own vehicle.  Your vehicle must have the following and be in acceptable working condition:
    Enough fuel for the road test; Headlights, Brake Lights and Signal Lights; Horn; Brakes/Park Brake; Speedometer; Tires; Vehicle seats/seat belts; Unobstructed Windshield/Wiper; Mirrors; Exhaust system/muffler; Driver and Passenger Doors.  Please ensure the interior of the vehicle is reasonably clean.

  2. Proof of valid registration and insurance
    MUST be in the same name (if company vehicle MUST have a letter of authorization; if the vehicle is a rental vehicle your name MUST show on the rental agreement; if the vehicle has Dealer plates you must be an employee of the dealership with a letter of authorization).

  3. All condition codes that appear on your driver’s license must be met to be taken out on the test.

  4. Only a VALID Alberta Operator’s License (Alberta Driver’s License or Alberta Learner’s License) will be accepted.  The only exception is for suspended Alberta drivers.

  5. If you do not meet all the prerequisites, or are not eligible (knowledge test, Alberta Registries approved medical, sufficient driving history), for the class of license you are testing for, the examiner will not take you out for your road test.  A new Road Test permit will have to be purchased.